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Wir sind die Freiheit Stiftung e.V.


Peace without freedom is hardly conceivable. We therefore support the peace campaign MY FACE FOR PEACE, which was founded by Cordula & Saeeid Dastmalchian. You too can look for peace in

FREEDOM by immediate use of FREE ENERGY:  With this wonderful meditation, we encourage all of awareness (Text: Lile an Eden and Peter Herrmann).

Speaking of spiritual development: please look at this valuable THRIVE movie.

Another project, which we encourage, is a FREE ENERGY project. It is a prototype of an engine running with water. This WilERK engine is just before the first test run, and is named after its inventor William Erk, who has researched 68 years of his life on this engine.

Anyone who would like to have more information about this great open source project will find it here:, in which all developments and improvements are published immediately and completely open on the Internet. The latest news can be found here on the BLOG page.